Airplane Disasters

Most love affairs don’t end with a bang. Rather, they slip away slowly, almost imperceptibly, until one day you are startled to realize that the glue connecting you to your partner contains no love. You look closely, because it’s hard to believe. After all, there is still glue there; just one ingredient is missing, evaporated. You are angry; was it sabotage? Treachery? How could this have happened on your watch? Did you fall asleep at the critical moment?
The problem is that humans’


emotional needs often trump our more analytical cognitive functions. It’s easy to fall in love, but once we’re in that state, our brain tends to turn off the “update service”. We go on believing that something is there long after it has vacated the premises.
The irony is that this very “take it for granted” tendency may be a leading factor in causing us to neglect the upkeep of our relationships, thus hastening the decay of the bond we feel so confident is there.

And then, one day it hits you...
For instance, in the 1990’s and 2000’s, 56 percent of fatal accidents were caused by pilots’ mistakes (in cases where a cause could be determined). In the 1980’s, this figure was only 49 percent. In both periods, mechanical failure came in second, accounting for 20 percent of discernible causes in the past 15 years and 19 percent in the 1980’s...
Those worried about terrorist hijackings and airplane bombings can take heart; you are much less likely to die on an airplane due to terrorist intervention than because of pilot error. In fact, the rate of pilot error has increased in the past 15 years, measured against all other determinable causes.
Human error is still the number one killer in the air.

Though the absolute number of Americans who take camping trips has steadily increased year after year along with overall population levels, the percentage of Americans partaking in wilderness outdoor activities has actually decreased, according to recent surveys.
Discomfort, long and difficult travel times, and the presence of dangerous animals were cited as the top three reasons to avoid wilderness locations. A majority of Americans drive to their destination when camping, leading to long roadtrips before any wilderness is seen. Others lack the time needed...
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